Can’t wait for TV show ‘Banished’

To celebrate David being in Banished this time next week (and to thank those people who read my blog yesterday) I thought I’d share a couple of facts that you might not know about him :-) (I’m sure he won’t mind) 1. He took part in the TV show Finders Keepers when he was at school with his friend Laura and won. This was so exciting at the time (I’m two years younger than David and I still remember going to his house a day or two before it was filmed and wondering whether he would win or not). Sadly I don’t have any pics of him with Neil Buchanan – this is just a random pic. I’ll have to ask our Nan… 2. When we were in primary school we would play Batman and Robin together in our Nan’s garden. David was Batman, his younger brother James was Robin and I was a girl that needed to rescuing, alongside my sister Liz.

So proud of my cousin David Dawson

My cousin David is in a new BBC TV series called Banished which starts on BBC 2 on Thursday 5th March at 9pm. I am so proud of him. He is such a brilliant actor and a lovely guy too. You might recognise him from Ripper Street, Luther or Road to Coronation Street. I really hope that I get the opportunity to write his biography one day.

He has played all sorts of different characters over the years…

(Photos: BBC/ITV)


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