A very special visit


Today I had a great time at St Michael’s Primary School giving an author talk. It was great to inspire so many pupils and they asked some really good questions  at the end. This was the school where I did my first ever author talk, seven years ago. Back then, I’d only written my rugby book that I’d self published so I had a lot more to say this time around. I was only supposed to talk for 15 minutes but I ended up talking for 45 minutes – there was so much to say.

The headteacher has invited me to work with some Year 6 pupils on an exciting writing project in January and I’m so excited I could burst!


stmikesone stmikestwo



Seeing the boys play live!


I had an amazing time last night watching One Direction perform live in Manchester. I felt so proud. I’ve supported them since the beginning and just seeing them on stage, doing what they love meant the world to me. Not every Directioner gets to see them perform live and I’ll be forever grateful that I had the opportunity.

I kept my eyes peeled in case I could see any of Harry’s family and friends but sadly I couldn’t see anyone. I went with my friend C and although our seats weren’t the best we still had an amazing time.

My ears are ringing, everyone screamed so loud, especially when Niall walked onto the stage. He definitely got the loudest screams, followed by Harry. Liam looked so cute, he wore a hoodie for the whole show, he must have been so hot.

I really wish that Zayn had been there too but I understand that he felt he had to leave the group. I hope the boys perform as a 5 piece again one day.



Feeling famous ;-)


I’ve just got back from taking my daughter to a soft play area with my friend and her daughter. It was great fun. Lizzy loves playing with other children and she really enjoys people watching (just like me!). I’ve always liked using my imagination and pretending that people are characters in a story.

Lizzy likes to stand in the middle of the football area and watching the balls whizz past her. This isn’t the safest place to be so I have to persuade her to go and play in the ball pool instead. Today, when I went to get her I was recognised by a boy. He’s a pupil at Spinney Avenue Primary School and remembered me from when I gave an author talk for my Zayn biography. Year 5 and Year 6 pupils from the school actually helped me write the book by reviewing the boys’ albums.

Yesterday I had a great day writing. I love waking up early and writing while everyone else is asleep. I was joined by my cat Tobey, he loves keeping me company.


Your stories are amazing!


My Taylor Swift book is coming together wonderfully. So many fans have been in touch to share their amazing stories of meeting Taylor. There are so many dedicated Swifties from so many countries that I’m struggling to reply to everyone. I’m finding that Shake It Off is the most popular song but you all love so many different ones. I keep watching her videos over and over – they’re all so good. My favourite has to be Blank Space. I hope Tay gets to do a full length movie one day, she’d be an incredible actress because she’s so good at playing different characters in her music videos.

I can’t decide which story is my favourite, I think the fans who went to her secret sessions were so lucky and I’d give anything to have been invited to her apartment. I’d love to cuddle Meredith and Olivia and eat a cookie that Tay has baked herself.

Which of Tay’s songs do you love the most?


Love my crazy family!


Today is my birthday and my brother and dad have sent me a special message. They’re travelling around South America so couldn’t be with me but they’ll be back in a couple of weeks. I can’t wait, I normally see them every day and my brother has been away since early February. My dad only flew out last week but I’m a daddy’s girl and speaking to him on Skype just isn’t the same.

I think it’s a very creative way of wishing me a happy birthday, don’t you agree?


A lovely tweet from @LanzaPopo


Today I got a lovely tweet from @LanzaPopo. She shared a photo of her copy of Around the World with One Direction. She’s from Venezuela and is a huge fan of One Direction and Justin Bieber. Her tweet really made me smile.


I’d love to visit Venezuela one day. My former pastor (vicar) Nestor is from Venezuela. His wife is from Widnes so that’s how he ended up in my home town of Widnes. They moved to London two years ago but they still come to services at my church when they’re visiting family in Widnes.


Robert Pattinson Publication Day!


Today is a very special day, it’s the day my Robert Pattinson biography is released!


I’m so excited, I’ve been looking forward to this book coming out for months. My first book (aside from my rugby book which I self-published) was Robert Pattinson A-Z. It came out in May 2010, back when I was the editor of a celebrity website.

I think Rob is one of the best actors on the planet and I’m so impressed with the roles he’s had since playing Edward Cullen. He has never looked for the easy option, he wants to be challenged.

I like thinking about the first time I met Rob, over five years ago now. It was at the Dorchester Hotel in London. It was a rainy day and as I made my way to the hotel I got soaked. When I tried to go in I was stopped by security because they didn’t think I was journalist, they thought I was just a fan trying my luck. I managed to show them some paperwork and they let me inside.

I’d never been somewhere as posh as the Dorchester, I felt so underdressed. I nipped to the loos and took photos – it was so impressive! I was ushered into a room and took my place, alongside some other journalists. We only had to wait a few minutes and then Rob, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner walked into the room. I was in awe.

rob2 rob3 rob4

I was really nervous when I asked Rob my question, how did his sisters’ feel about him being famous? He was very charming and explained that they were happy for him but that his parents still hadn’t got their heads around the fact that he was famous. When they visit him on film sets and someone asks him if he wants a cup of coffee they think ‘why doesn’t he get it himself.’ His parents are so proud of him and this is something I wanted to get across in both of my biographies – Rob has a really supportive family, they back him 100%.




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