Taylor Swift Everything Has Changed

If you’ve ever dreamt of meeting Taylor Swift then this is the book for you! Author Sarah Oliver has the inside scoop from Taylor’s biggest Swifties from around the world, including all the gossip about what happened when they met Taylor, her mom Andrea and her publicist Tree…and tour secrets from Loft ’89, Club Red and T-Party you won’t hear anywhere else. Chloe from Southampton was invited to listen to 1989 months before its release at a top-secret session event for Taylor’s biggest fans. She also found out that Taylor loves stalking fans on Twitter. Marley from Piedmont, Alabama spent hours hanging out with Taylor, enjoying a pizza party in her penthouse apartment. She met her cat Olivia and found out what the real Taylor is like – away from the spotlight. Kristen from Bloomfield, New Jersey became infamous after a photo of her shaking with excitement at a Red concert went viral in the Swiftie community.