A great day writing (and having quality time with my little girl)

By Sarah Oliver

Today has been a busy day but it’s been so much fun. I finished checking my second draft of my Taylor Swift book and emailed it across to my editor Chris first thing. I’m so excited about this book and can’t wait for it to be in stores. I want all the Swifties who’ve helped me to see the finished book ASAP. I wish I could hand-deliver a copy to each of them when the book comes out next spring. I would give them each a hug and we could dance to Shake It Off together!

After breakfast, I took my little girl to the tots group in my church (and we made snowman biscuits and reindeer food), then after picking up a Christmas present from the Post Office, I enjoyed cake and a chat with one of my best friends. This afternoon I worked on my website and went on a dog walk with my mum and two of her dogs. We went to Pex Hill which is a wood and quarry in my home town. It’s the best place to walk dogs because they can run free and enjoy mixing with other dogs. My little girl loves playing in the leaves and we always get muddy at this time of year. She was wearing a black and white cat outfit today so she looked soooooo cute.

PS I know our snowman melted a bit but he tasted yummy!

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