Feeling famous ;-)

By Sarah Oliver

I’ve just got back from taking my daughter to a soft play area with my friend and her daughter. It was great fun. Lizzy loves playing with other children and she really enjoys people watching (just like me!). I’ve always liked using my imagination and pretending that people are characters in a story.

Lizzy likes to stand in the middle of the football area and watching the balls whizz past her.┬áThis isn’t the safest place to be so I have to persuade her to go and play in the ball pool instead. Today, when I went to get her I was recognised by a boy. He’s a pupil at Spinney Avenue Primary School and remembered me from when I gave an author talk for my Zayn biography. Year 5 and Year 6 pupils from the school actually helped me write the book by reviewing the boys’ albums.

Yesterday I had a great day writing. I love waking up early and writing while everyone else is asleep. I was joined by my cat Tobey, he loves keeping me company.


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