Seeing the boys play live!

By Sarah Oliver

I had an amazing time last night watching One Direction perform live in Manchester. I felt so proud. I’ve supported them since the beginning and just seeing them on stage, doing what they love meant the world to me. Not every Directioner gets to see them perform live and I’ll be forever grateful that I had the opportunity.

I kept my eyes peeled in case I could see any of Harry’s family and friends but sadly I couldn’t see anyone. I went with my friend┬áC and although our seats weren’t the best we still had an amazing time.

My ears are ringing, everyone screamed so loud, especially when Niall walked onto the stage. He definitely got the loudest screams, followed by Harry. Liam looked so cute, he wore a hoodie for the whole show, he must have been so hot.

I really wish that Zayn had been there too but I understand that he felt he had to leave the group. I hope the boys perform as a 5 piece again one day.



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